Just One Click Trading

The one click trading service offered by Fxedeal enables our clients to make trades very efficiently with just a click. This highly simplifies the order placement procedure using the Fxedeal MT4 environment.

One click trading is the preferred tool of traders who wish to make a lot of trades in a given period of time. By activating the One-Click Trading service on your MT4 platform, you can open and close orders with a single click.

Below are the steps to use the “One Click Trading Service”:

  • SELL Button - This shows the current bid price and clicking the button will open a SELL order on the server
  • BUY Button - This shows the current ask price and clicking the button will open a buy order on the server
  • Current Lot Size Indicator - This shows the number of lots you wish to trade. You can increase or decrease your trade lot size by clicking on the arrows on either side of the lot size indicator.

Below are the steps to launch the One-Click Trading service using the MT4 platform:


First, you will need to download the latest version of the MT4 platform by clicking on the following link: {insert URL here}


Once the MT4 terminal is downloaded and installed, open the program and use the login information sent to your email to login into the platform. Once you have logged in, in the navigation menu at the top, click on the “Tools” option and then select “Options” from the dropdown menu as shown in the screenshot shared below: {add screenshot here}


On the following screen, open the tab titled “Trade”. At the bottom of this screen, you will see an option labelled as “One Click Trading”. Select the checkbox by clicking on it.


Once you click on the checkbox, a “Disclaimer” screen will appear where you should carefully read the Terms and Conditions. Once you have read the terms and conditions and are satisfied, click on the checkbox next to the “I Accept these Terms and Conditions” label, and then click on “OK”. {add screenshot here}


Now your MT4 platform will have one-click trading activated. You can use the “Alt + T” keyboard shortcut to display the one-click trading tool on the platform

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