Security Of Funds

We place great emphasis on ensuring the security of your funds.

At Fxedeal, we understand that traders need to have complete confidence that their fund is secured so that they can focus on the trading process without worrying about security. Our platform has several additional measures that ensure the optimum level of safety of your account and trading funds.


Fxedeal is a global brand providing online trading services for instruments such as Forex, Commodities, Indices, Spot Metals, Derivatives and Cryptocurrencies.One of the pillars of our organization is providing exceptional fund security to our clients along with a seamless trading experience, highly efficient customer support, and multiple instruments and tools for trading. We are recognized nationally for excellence with a great reputation, having won multiple awards for our basket of services. Our clients can rest assured that their funds are in a secured environment at their disposal.


Fxedeal has decided to work only with the major banks with a long-running and trustworthy market presence. Our market standing is a major driving factor for the provision of liquidity through banks for our clients.


The company does not hold client funds in its regular bank accounts for safety purposes. Instead, we have multiple escrow accounts where the trading funds of our clients are stored. This is to ensure that in the unlikely event of the company defaulting, these funds are not used to pay back our creditors. Hence, these funds are also kept off the company’s balance sheets.


There is a continually ongoing process where the experts and analysts at Fxedeal are monitoring, identifying, and assessing all risk types that the company can face in the near or long-term future. This includes our procedures, policies, arrangements, partnerships, and platforms. The company is well poised to be able to strategically safeguard its capital requirements and other financial needs whenever required.

security of funds


All employees are responsible for adhering to all the relevant laws and regulations, as well as the rules and principles outlined in the Code of Conduct. Employees must ensure that they are familiar with the laws, regulations, best business practices, and the required ethical conduct which is befitting for being an Fxedeal employee.


During daily business activities, employees are privileged to client information relating to account details, trade practices & patterns, fees & revenues, marketing practices, etc. Employees are required to keep this information confidential. This means they are not permitted to disclose this information to any third-party unless they are legally permitted to do so.

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