With Managed Accounts, clients have the privilege of allowing a portfolio manager to trade with all their combined accounts, almost as if it were a Master Account. To manage money through this process, one needs PAMM/MAM software which provides flexible fund allocation and real-time reporting and analysis of performance and commissions.


PAMM, or Percentage Allocation Management Manager, is a software module where clients can pool their money together so that it can subsequently be managed and traded by a trader with permission under LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney). MAM is a Multi-Account Manager and it allows customization of trade sub-allocation along with the percentage allocation method in PAMM.


A fund manager opens a PAMM account and allocates their own initial investment as the Manager’s Capital. If the Manager withdraws their capital, their PAMM Manager Account gets unlisted from the active PAMM rankings. This acts as a motivation for the manager to practice caution while trading using the investor funds.

Subsequently, the manager has to create offers where terms and conditions for investors are listed in detail.

Investors can search for managers to manage their funds using our PAMM rankings.

Once an investor finalizes a manager, they can deposit their funds which can then be used by the manager to make trades. All profits and losses are divided proportionately between the manager and the investor(s) as per their share in the PAMM account.


You can fulfil your dream of investing in the high potential Forex Markets even if you don’t have the desire or the time to become an expert in the currency markets. The Fxedeal PAMM account lets your fund be managed by an experienced fund manager who can make trades and profits for you, but only you have the ability to withdraw your funds.

  • PAMM Manager Accountability -Fxedeal PAMM managers have to invest their personal funds before they can start to be given access to invest client funds. This means that the fund managers will be incentivized to make profitable trades as their personal interest is also at stake. This reduces the probability of trading errors and managers committing to negative trades.
  • PAMM Manager Account Transparency -You can access advanced reports in real-time to analyze your PAMM manager’s performance by visiting your Fxedeal account area.
  • Flexibility in Deposits and Withdrawals - As a PAMM account holder with Fxedeal, you are authorized to practice 100% control over your investment portfolio. Deposits to and withdrawals from your PAMM account can be done at daily rollover. There are no hidden charges or fees.
  • Risk Control - Since you have complete control over your investment, you can set your Rescue Level and accordingly specify your risk appetite. This is an important step for the protection of your investment.
  • Choose Multiple PAMM Managers - You can diversify your Fxedeal portfolio investment by diversifying your investment in multiple PAMM managers with different strategies for investment. You can choose to work with a PAMM manager whose strategy is in line with your investment goals.


The PAMM program is specifically designed keeping in mind the requirements of Fund Managers who can increase their investment portfolio in a flexible manner. The Fxedeal PAMM Account allows you to manage all open positions through a single PAMM account.

  • Secure Trading - If you and your investors are looking to pool money for investment, our PAMM account services ensure that your trades are secure. Automatic distribution of your positions is ensured towards all managed accounts of yours. Higher automation levels give you more time to build your portfolio.
  • Result Showcase - We showcase your trading results on our website so that our customers can see them. This gives you a platform to build your portfolio on top of your ongoing performance.
  • Complete Control - All settings and parameters for your PAMM Manager Account can be customized by you. This means that you have complete control over your investment size. The inbuild percentage allocation module ensures that you don’t have to compute complex profit calculations for your investors.
  • Automation -The latest in modern practices, our platform is highly automated. Fine-tuning of the platform takes place after every deposit.
  • Alert Notifications -Notifications are sent to you whenever a deposit is funded into your account. You can accordingly plan and execute new positions on your account.


Account Details
Trading Platform: MetaTrader 4, Webtrader and Mobile Trading
Spreads: Yes
Trading Instruments: FX, Commodities, Metals, CFDs and Crypto
Decimal: 5
Maximum Leverage: 300
Execution: Market Execution
Minimum opening deposit: $1000
Minimum trade size: 0.01 Lot
Trade size increment: 0.01
Maximum Total Trade Size: 100 Standard lots
Maximum Simultaneous Open Orders: 750
Margin Call / Stop out level: 50% / 30%
Account Currency: USD
Personal Account Manager: Yes
Commission: 4$
Swap free: NO
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