Download MT4 for Desktop

Download Metatrader 4 for desktop

Download Metatrader 4 for desktop with fxedeal. We offers fast execution and interbank liquidity with a user interface that is friendly. This provides numerous benefits to the end-users and most needs of traders are fulfilled riding on the support of the different resources and tools available.

This powerful platform acts like a perfectly equipped workplace where traders can do price analysis, work with automated programs, and perform trade transactions. These features are combined with other exciting ones into a single platform and you can use it to kickstart your financial market trading journey.

Analytical Tools offered by the Fxedeal MT4 Desktop platform:

  • Detailed analysis of quote dynamics
  • Simultaneous viewing of multiple charts
  • Preprogrammed analytical tools
  • Analytical objects overlay
  • Multiple timeframes
  • More than 30 inbuilt tools and indicators

What are the benefits of the Fxedeal MT4 trading platform?

  • A dedicated news feed is available inside the platform
  • A user-friendly interface makes using the platform interesting and easy
  • Development and use of expert advisors in encouraged
  • Users can access daily account statements
  • Client account summary is available in real-time, inclusive of floating profit and loss and account equity
  • Trailing stop loss facility
  • Multilingual support on the platform

Installation Process

  • Download the platform from this link {insert URL}
  • Run the “.exe” file
  • Log in to the Fxedeal MT4 platform using your login credentials

How to Uninstall the Program

  • Click on the “Start” menu
  • Search for the MT4 application
  • Right-click on the application and click on “uninstall”
Fxedeal is your forex trading platform!